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I am Capt. Clyde Wells, former Captain on Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Atlantic Ocean, out of Florida and North Carolina. I originally designed the Reelfillers for my own use, then decided they would help other fishermen save time and money, especially if they have their reels filled at a tackle store.

When trolling for Walleye and Salmon we had 12 reels to change line on. My Reelfiller saved a lot of time and sore arms.

When big game fishing, having the Reelfiller on the boat plus a variable speed drill, you can respool your reel fast after being spooled by a big fish, or just losing lots of line from tangles or breaks.

All you need is a variable speed drill and you can spool and respool just like the pros. And at a fraction of the cost of the big, bulky kind the fishing stores use. Plus, you won't pay the stores to fill your reels-save money, and you can buy bulk spools-save more money!

Reels it Fits
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The 2747 part number works great for smaller reels like baitcasting reels, trolling reels, and Line Counters.

The ultimate in filling your fishing reels. Fits all reels listed, conventional & baitcasting reels, (You do not need to remove any part of these reels to fill them.) Just attach Reelfiller adapter to a variable speed drill, hold firmly over reel handle and let the drill do the work!

Bass Pro Shops Baitcasting Reels
Tourney Special, Mega Tournament, Mega Cast, Pete Mania series, Cat Maxx, Bassmaster.
Offshore Angler
Ocean Master Casting Reel, Gold Cup Line Counters.
Citori, Medallion.
Shimano Baitcasting Reels
Speedmaster TMS iv, Charter Special,Triton Graphite Levelwinds, Tekota series and linecounter, Torium Baitcaster.
Daiwa reels
all baitcasting & linecounter reels, Sealine Lever Drag Offshore, SL-SH Offshore, X Offshore.
baitcasting reels.
Quantum Baitcasting Reels
Cabo PT Trolling reels.
Lew's Speed Spool Reels
baitcasting reels
Offshore Reels:
Okuma Reels
Convector, Star Drag Classic, Classic Pro Star Drag, Nitryx Baitcaster, Induron Round Baitcaster
Pinnacle Reels
Scion, MG tm, Pinnacle Lucille HS Baitcaster
Tica Reels
Gemini, Tica ST 558 Bastcaster, Tica CA 200 Baitcaster, Pisces 200 Baitcaster


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The 23-60, 23-114, 23-116 Reelfillers are made for Penn Reels. Small Penn Reels up to the Big Internationals. Great for spooling reels with 100's of yards of line. To use these part numbers, you have to remove the reel handle and screw. The part number matches the number on the screw head. All model numbers are on the Order Page. Screw the Reelfiller into the screw hole of the reel, then attach to variable speed drill, start out slow then increase speed as desired.

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